Employer Tools

We don’t just help you find the people you need to hire, we provide you with a powerful system to help manage all of the potential applicants we send you.

Our system provides access to the information on every single person that we ever send you or may have sent you in the past. It has many features that no other employment site offers.

The key to recruiting is for you to build the biggest pipeline you can of people who are in the industry, doing the types of jobs that you will likely need to hire for at some point. And to be truly effective, you need a system to manage everything. If you have several hundred or even several thousand candidates in your database, you'll be extremely glad that these features are there to help you.

When you activate your account, you'll be able to:

  1. Access every candidate that we've sent you since DAY ONE. Each time you re-post a job, you’ll instantly have access to all the people we’ve EVER sent you in the past for that position. You'll be amazed at how much better this is than trying to manage them in your email, in a file cabinet, or on the corner of your desk.
  2. Search your candidates by name to find the right person. Searching for a specific candidate is easy and can be done by entering any combination of the first and last name.
  3. Rate each candidate that we send you from 1 to 5 stars - Poor (1), Fair (2), Average (3), Good (4) and Excellent (5), which will help you to distinguish between good and bad candidates moving forward. Taking the time to Rate each candidate as you look at their profile or talk to them on the phone will help you remember them when viewing their profile in the future.
  4. Track the Status of each candidate - Active, Hired, Hired (No Start), No Interest (EMP), No Interest (CND), No Offer Made, Offer Made (Rejected), Other, Past Employee (rehire), Past Employee (not eligible), Rejected (Drug Test), Rejected (Driving Record), Rejected (Felony)).
  5. Sort your candidates by Location (where they live), Position, Date Submitted, Name, Rating or Status.
  6. View Real-Time Statistics for each Job of how many candidates our staff has denied and submitted to you. Our staff evaluates every potential applicant based on the criteria you provide to help eliminate about 60% of the people who would have clearly wasted your time...at no additional cost to you.
  7. Filter your Submittal Matches by Radius for each Job. This allows you to narrow your potential applicants based on how far they live from a specific zip code.
  8. Perform an Advanced Search of all your candidates based on various criteria such as - candidates that live within a specific radius from a zip code, certifications/licenses, experience, position, sector, desired compensation, minimum education, etc.

We're not done yet...There's much more to come!

We’re continuing to develop new functionality to help our employers to be more effective in their recruiting efforts and we welcome any ideas or suggestions from our customers.